Will Carmelo Anthony be a Knick Next Year?

Carmelo Anthony New York

One of the best scorers in the league, Carmelo Anthony has been considered one of the NBA’s best since his time in Denver blue and yellow, but after forcing his way into New York, can we expect him to stay there?

Melo has always said that he wants to test the free agency waters at least once during his NBA career, and now is most probably when his stock will be highest among teams across the league, but can he take himself away from the lights of NYC?

The Knicks aren’t contenders for a Championship this year, they’ve lost a spark and seen their roster deteriorate since last season, and Melo is one of the few good things about the team this year, and to see him go could spell doom for one of the most well known franchises in global sports.

But there is always the possibility that he could re-sign with the Knicks, with a reported $129 million contract being discussed behind the ever quiet MSG doors, but there are other teams capable of signing Melo.

Chicago are in a ‘re-building’ phase after trading away Luol Deng, the Lakers have always had their names thrown into these conversations, and Cleveland could try and sign Melo if they don’t go for Lebron.

But can any of these teams really tempt Anthony away from his beloved New York? We’re not so sure.

Leaving New York could be bad news for Anthony, especially after his astonishing 62 point record breaking night against Charlotte.

He’s being placed at the very top of the franchise, and few other teams can offer that. Whatever Melo wants in New York, the front office will do it, and if he does re-sign with them, they will be sure to make another Championship run to keep him happy.

Whilst things might not be going his way this season, leaving New York could be a bit of an over-reaction for a player who could realistically win a ring in the not so distant future with them, especially if they make some good off-season decisions.

Melo could become a Knicks and NBA legend if he stays at MSG and finally gets them a Championship banner, if he leaves he’s just another player who failed in his efforts for the Big Apple.

Luke Hatfield is the creator and editor of BouncyOrangeBall, with an extensive knowledge of the NBA and basketball in general.

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