Season Grade: Utah Jazz

Utah Jazz

It’s been the same old, same old from the Jazz who haven’t exceeded any expectations this season, again failing to make any real noise over 82 games.

However, many knew, and expected this to happen after both Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson were allowed to walk out the door as free agents. Even still, the 57-loss season is painful for even the most resolute Jazz fans to look back on, as they need a miracle to flip their hopes of playoff contention.

Best Player: Gordon Hayward, he topped the team for three pointers made in the season, as well as being one of the youngest members of the roster, he definitely looks like one for the future.

Worst Player: Derrick Favors, considering he is the third highest paid player in the Jazz locker room, he failed to provide the role expected of him to help the team gather the W’s. In terms of performance he wasn’t too bad, but he simply failed to meet many people’s expectations this season.

The Good: The prospect of raw talent was on display in Salt Lake City, which allowed one youngster to become the face of the franchise, whom was Gordon Hayward. The rookie was used in 2 different roles for the Jazz, which is hard for any NBA player to successfully carry out, but Hayward seemed to do this with ease.

Also, the likes of Trey Burke and Enes Kanter showed true determination to fight through a gruesome season, in addition to that, starting off with a terrible 1st year, they both seem to have taken this on the chin and are aiming to come back with high hopes.

The Bad: Another year of slumping to one of the worst seasons in losses for the Jazz. Last time this happened, changes were flooding in during the off-season, and that wasn’t too long ago.

Nothing’s really changed within the team’s setup when it comes to morale and belief, something big needs to come their way in the off-season for them to have any hope for success in the near future. The spirit within the camp doesn’t seem to be uplifting any time soon, new arrivals may change this, but at the moment, I can’t see Utah making any serious in-roads, so as always, another season of agony for the team could be upon them.

Rating: 3.5/10

If you take into account that their squad consists of new and upcoming stars, the Jazz have done alright with what they have, but if you’re a fan of the team, then you won’t be impressed with the 4th lowest record in the NBA with 57 losses.

They didn’t get the full potential out of players they had, mainly pointing out Derrick Favors and Richard Jefferson, and their focus needs to be on bringing in a player in whom their whole concept of ball can play around.

This will hopefully spur on the Utah Jazz into becoming a group wanting to achieve that ever elusive playoff spot.

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