The Top 5 NBA All-Star Dunk Contest Dunks

Slam Dunk Contest

With the NBA All-Star Weekend only days away, we’ve decided to offer you up a platter of All-Star countdowns in an effort to get you hyped up for the event, not that you needed hyping up of course.

We begin with the staple event of the Saturday night, the NBA All-Star Dunk Contest, giving you our top 5 dunk contest dunks of all time, so with no further ado, here we go!

Blake Griffin // Car Dunk // 2011

Say what you want about this dunk, but it was definitely a crowd pleaser, Griffin is an exceptional athlete and we all knew he could throw down the basketball with relative ease, but over a car?

Granted he only really clears the hood, and we reckon plenty of other NBA athletes could execute this as well, but Griffin went all out with it, bringing out a choir and having former teammate Baron Davis throw the alley-oop from the car’s sunroof.

It might not be the most athletic or technical dunk, but it is definitely an impressive one, and essentially won Griffin the 2011 contest.

Spud Webb // Reverse Tomahawk // 1986

This was one hell of a Dunk Contest for sure, Dominique Wilkins and Spud Webb going head-to-head despite both playing for the Hawks.

Rumour has it that Wilkins never practiced for the contest, and Webb knew this, so intentionally planned to push him all the way to the edge of the contest.

Wilkins threw down some absolutely disgusting dunks in this contest, and we were tempted to put one of his monster stuffs in this countdown, but because Spud sizes up at just 5’7″, we simply had to put him in here.

We could have picked any of his dunks from this night, but we’ve sided with the reverse tomahawk throw-down, where Webb pulls the ball pretty much right down between his legs and slams it down.

Webb had seemingly endless hops, and this dunk shows just how ridiculous his vertical leap was, and is rightfully making our top 5 today.

Jason Richardson // Between the Legs Reverse Self Alley-Oop // 2003

By far one of our favourite dunkers of all time, Jason Richardson was genuinely ridiculous in his prime, even to the point where the popular NBA 2K franchise had a dunk animation set based on his athleticism.

Whilst 2K had J-Rich throwing down 360 between the leg dunks in regular season games, we saw his best throw-down in the 2003 dunk contest for sure.

J-Rich threw the ball up and gathered on the bounce when running up from the corner, tucked the ball between his legs and then put it down reverse style in a truly astonishing show of athleticism and creativity.

This was definitely something you had to watch back when seeing it in real-time, just to take in just how crazy it actually is.

 Michael Jordan // FT Line Dunk // 1988

Every basketball fan has a deep connection with this dunk, it adorns pairs of Jordan sneakers and apparel and is often repeated time and time again by fans using a lowered rim.

Whilst this isn’t at the top of our list it is still an amazing feat of skill from MJ without a doubt, it’s just freakish how it looks like Jordan just floats up from the free throw line and just glides to the rim with ease.

What’s more, he did it in Chicago, against all-time rival Dominique Wilkins, who believe it or not, threw some more filthy dunks down in this competition as well as the one we mentioned earlier.

Of Course, Jordan won it with this dunk, much to Wilkins displeasure, but it would have been insane not to include this somewhere in our countdown wouldn’t it?

Vince Carter // 360 Windmill and Between the Legs Assist // 2000

It is actually impossible to pick between some of the dunks Vince Carter showed off in the 2000 Slam Dunk Contest, so we’ve had to pick two here.

The first is an unbelievable opening dunk, VC rotates a full 360 degrees and pulls out one of the most jaw-dropping windmills you’ll have ever seen.

The second has T-Mac, who was Carter’s team mate at the time, dishing him a bounce pass into a crazy between the legs dunk from the human highlight film.

To put it straight, Carter was arguably the best dunker of the basketball ever to grace the NBA besides the likes of Jordan and co.

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Luke Hatfield is the creator and editor of BouncyOrangeBall, with an extensive knowledge of the NBA and basketball in general.

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