Steph Curry ALREADY has a Legit Top 10 Highlights Package this Season…

Steph Curry

We’re only just getting into double digits in terms of games this NBA season, and believe it or not Steph Curry already has a legitimate Top 10 highlights package for this season – and it’s pretty amazing.

Last year’s MVP hasn’t messed around at all this season, and his Golden State Warriors have quickly become favourites for a repeat, and are unbeaten so far.

Of course, nobody expects Golden State to go the entire season unbeaten, but they’re looking pretty hard to beat to say the least – and Curry’s been a huge part of that.

Check out his 2015/16 top ten countdown for opening games of the year below! Here’s to a fair few more from the future Hall of Fame candidate!

What have you made of the early season form from Golden State? Let us know if you think they can go all the way once again on Facebook or Twitter!

Luke Hatfield is the creator and editor of BouncyOrangeBall, with an extensive knowledge of the NBA and basketball in general.

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