Robert Covington hails NBA London 2018 as ‘once in a lifetime experience’

Robert Covington

Philadelphia 76ers small forward Robert Covington has expressed his delight at being involved in NBA London 2018.

The 27-year-old joined his teammates in the UK this week ahead of the crunch clash with the Boston Celtics, admitting that it’s a chance of a lifetime.

“Not too many people get to do what we’re doing here in London.” he said.

“This is a once in a lifetime experience. You have the chance to see a new place, a lot of history, venture out.

“There is so much to do here and I’m kind of sad that we won’t stay too long because there is so much that I would like to do and see, but I’ll try to make the best of my time while I’m here.”

Covington has become an integral member of the 76ers franchise, having come into the team during the darker years of ‘The Process’ as an undrafted rookie.

However, developing into one of the teams’ key parts – he’s one of the men most qualified to discuss his side’s unique mixture of veteran and rookie players.

“They’re more used to the game [the veterans], so their experience serves as an example to all the young guys.

“JJ [Redick] has been around 12 years, Amir [Johnson] has been around 13, they’ve seen a lot as far as highs and lows and overall they bring so much to the team under so many aspects.

“We all can rely on their experience and their knowledge.”

But along with Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons is one of the more exciting players on the 76ers’ roster this year, following a year out through injury – and Covington fully expects his teammate to become one of the league’s leading players.

“Ben can be an MVP contender in the next few years. He has changed the game a lot, he is a very fast and athletic player.

“He can certainly aim to be a superstar in the next few years.”

The Philadelphia 76ers host the Boston Celtics at The O2 in London on Jan. 11 as part of NBA London Game 2018. The game is live on BT Sport or via NBA LEAGUE PASS. Also, join our daily fantasy league event with PlayON.

Luke Hatfield is the creator and editor of BouncyOrangeBall, with an extensive knowledge of the NBA and basketball in general.

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