BouncyOrangeBall Podcast Special: NBA London 2019 tickets reaction

NBA London 2019

Welcome to the BouncyOrangeBall Podcast, the UK’s all-new basketball pod discussing the NBA in-depth, from the fans, for the fans.
Hosted by Stuart Hodge and with regular analyst and NBA Writer Luke Hatfield by his side, they dissect all of the latest stories from the league.
In this short special episode, Luke and Stuart discuss the NBA London 2019 ticketing fiasco, and why so many fans are being sold short by re-sale sites.

They reel off online reaction from UK fans and debate the points made by a fan base hurting from the sales method in place.
You can stay in touch with the BouncyOrangeBall podcast on Twitter by searching for @BouncyPodcastand @NBA_UKFans.

Luke Hatfield is the creator and editor of BouncyOrangeBall, with an extensive knowledge of the NBA and basketball in general.

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