Indiana Pacers star Paul George on NBA London 2017

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Indiana Pacers superstar Paul George has opened up about experiencing London, trying fish and chips and his comeback from injury.

George is arguably the biggest name on show at the O2 Arena as his Indiana Pacers team face up with the Denver Nuggets. But he’s not taking the game lightly.

After arriving in the UK, George took in the sights and sounds of London, but knows that expanding the NBA is key for the event.

“As much as we can expand this game and grow basketball internationally, we’re certainly all for coming here and to other countries. Us guys in the US love to showcase the beautiful game we have. We enjoy it.

“We had a tough start to this year, mainly due to new guys mashing together. The chemistry had to be built.

“We’re a lot further on now, we’re enjoying each other’s company and each other’s game on the court.

“We understand where others are going to be, floor space and all that good stuff you need to form a team, we’re starting get that right.

“That was all that was lost at the start of the year. We want to sneak into the top four.”

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He also explained to British fans what they can expect when they turn up at the O2 on Thursday – giving the casual sports fan a detailed explanation of how NBA players take to the court.

“We do all our moves with our hands, not our feet. We get up and down and get after it, we’re a good group. We plan on scoring a lot of points and playing a lot of defence – you’ll see a lot of both.

“Denver’s not a bad team at all, it’s going to be a grind for us, but we’re looking forwards to the match up.

“We’re rolling right now. We’ve won five games in a row, looking to make it six this Thursday.”

Of course, George has faced more than his fair share of uphill battles during his NBA career, most notably suffering a horrific leg injury during Team USA scrimmage earlier on in his career.

” It’s just not giving up. Knowing where I wanted to get to and where I was at. Never give up the grind and getting back to it.” George said regarding the injury.

“I’m a competitor, if I step on the court it’s game time. I didn’t return to the game to see if I was OK, I came back because I knew I was ready.”

But whilst he means business on the court, he’s still taking in the experiences London brings. In fact, despite eating at one of the finest steakhouses in the capital after his arrival he’s still hungry for another British delicacy.

“I have to eat fish and chips. That’s priority number one! Yesterday we went to Gaucho, it’s a pretty good steakhouse, but I need to find some more local spots!”

The Denver Nuggets host the Indiana Pacers at The O2 in London on Jan. 12 as part of NBA Global Games London 2017. The game is live on BT Sport, BT SPORT Facebook or via NBA LEAGUE PASS ( Picture credit: NBAE/Getty Images.

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