Parker Planning on Playing 20 NBA Seasons

Tony Parker

San Antonio Spurs Point Guard, Tony Parker, is claiming that he’s still got another five seasons in the NBA if all goes to plan, after setting his sights on a 20 season career in the NBA.

Parker turned 33 this year, and is still a key part of one of the older rosters in the league with an average age of 28.3 years. But he’s aimed to silence any talk of his retirement by claiming that he plans on playing 20 seasons in the NBA, giving him five more campaigns to play through.

During an interview with Yahoo Sports, the Frenchman was defiant when it came to talk of his age.

“The Spurs know I want to play until I’m 38. That will be 20 seasons for me. That’s my goal. This year is No. 15. And if I’m lucky enough and I’m healthy, hopefully I can play 20 seasons and then I’ll be ready to retire.”

Last year was the first year in my whole career where I had a lot of nagging injuries, when I compare to all the other guys when you look at D-Rose, [Paul] George and Wesley Matthews, I feel very lucky and blessed that I have been able with my little body to play all those years.”

The European star has had his fair share of injury problems over the past several years, with an unfortunate eye injury holding him back, followed by hamstring and ankle issues proving to be troublesome throughout the 2014/15 season.

Parker Injury

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These problems resulted in his lowest point and assist averages since his rookie year; this was followed by an uninspiring series of performances during the summer with France, where he shot less than 35% from the field.

However, Parker isn’t fazed by the recent struggles, claiming that a mixture of ‘rust’ and a lack of rhythm heading into the international games. However, this hasn’t stopped him enlisting the help of former NBA MVP Steve Nash, now working with the Golden State Warriors to ensure he keeps his body in optimum shape.

“I just wanted to see what he was doing and what could be helpful, everybody is different and does different stuff that works for them.

“But because he was a point guard like me with a great example of longevity who was still great at 38, an All-Star at 38, what did he do to make sure his body was ready?” Parker claimed.

Parker France

Nash of course, is one of the best Point Guards to play in the modern era, and retired last year after a continued battle with back problems – but you can see Parker’s thought process, especially seeing as Nash was productive right until his last 30s.

Regardless of Parker’s claims, Gregg Popovich was naturally very protective of his European Point Guard as the team’s pre-season fixtures tipped off, as Parker didn’t travel for their opener against the Sacramento Kings on Thursday – a game they lost by three points.

Despite the loss, many expect to see San Antonio cruise through the regular season and become real challengers in the Playoffs, and it seems that Tony Parker is planning to be a part of this team for a good while yet…

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