NBA All-Star 2013 Jersey Review

All Star 2013

Worn during the NBA All-Star game in 2013, we take a look at James Harden’s uniform in this NBA jersey review.

The 62nd NBA All-Star game, this jersey debuted in Houston, in which the West came away 143-138 winners, with Chris Paul taking away MVP honours in the match-up.

James Harden wasn’t selected as a starter but still showed out with a great performance off the bench in his franchise city, dropping 15 points in 25 minutes of play.

The jersey itself is designed by Adidas with Houston’s vast aeronautical history in mind, hence the sharp camouflage design.

Adidas has included it’s classic three stripe design on the sides of the uniform, whilst the addition of team logos on the back collar gives each player’s jersey an individual style to it.

Rocking the classic sleeveless style, the notable change with this uniform came on the back side, with the players’ names appearing below their numbers, a move which isn’t completely unheard of but still uncommon.

This jersey is hard to find nowadays due to its obvious age, but can still be bought online with price tags varying around the £70 mark ($120).

NBA: All Star Game

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Luke Hatfield is the creator and editor of BouncyOrangeBall, with an extensive knowledge of the NBA and basketball in general.


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