NBA All-Star Events Contestants Decided

NBA All-Star Saturday Night

The decision has been made by those in charge, with all of the NBA All-Star Weekend competitors selected for the Dunk Contest, Three Point Contest, Skills Challenge and other events.

Not only have all the competing players been selected, but there has been a reshuffle of the rules for the events to be hosted in New Orleans, with an entire new Dunk Contest format on the cards.

Beginning with the selections, let’s take a look at just who will be headlining each event, and we give our shout on who might just win each event…

NBA Slam Dunk Contest

This time around we are seeing a completely new East vs West format for the Dunk Contest which should hopefully cast a brand new light on what has become a slightly aged affair in recent years.

Each team will compete against each other in a two different rounds, with three players each representing their respective conference.

The first round will be a 90 second freestyle format, having all three players throw down as many flashy dunks as they can think of, with all players having to complete one dunk each as a minimum, allowing to assist each other in whatever way they want.

The judges will then vote East or West after seeing both rounds, and then move on to the battle round of the contest.

The battle round will pit the dunk contestants in a one-on-one dunk off, in which the judges will pick their favourite after the each ‘battle’ is complete. The first team to get three votes will be deemed the winner, with fans allowed to vote for their personal dunker of the night throughout the contest.

The East have a stellar cast for the contest, with the Indiana Pacers Paul George leading the way and Terrence Ross from the Toronto Raptors and John Wall from the Washington Wizards teaming up.

Meanwhile, the Western Conference will have the Portland Trailblazers’ Damian Lillard lead the team, ahead of the Sacramento Kings Guard Ben McLemore and Harrison Barnes from the Golden State Warriors.

Our Call: We’ve got to side with the East here, simply because of Paul George’s incredible dunking ability, this isn’t to say the other competitors haven’t got the bunnies to keep up, but George is throwing down some pretty incredible in-game dunks, we can’t wait to see what he does without having to worry about a scoreboard or defender in the way.

NBA Three Point Contest

Another slight change in format for the three point contest is going to be made this year, but not a huge one by any means.

All players will all take one standard round of three point shooting just like normal, but instead of taking the best scores for everyone, the best from the West and the best from the East will be selected for the final round, and a winner picked between the two after the final round.

As always if there is a tie, another shootout will take place to decide a winner.

Let’s start with the Western Conference players this time, the unanimous favourite for the West is the hot-shooting Golden State Warriors Point Guard Steph Curry for sure, behind him are Kevin Love, from the Minnesota Timberwolves, Damian Lillard from the Portland Trailblazers and Marco Belinelli from the San Antonio Spurs.

In the East, we see Kyrie Irving snatch the favourite position, with the Brooklyn Nets scorer Joe Johnson, Aaron Afflalo from the Orlando Magic and Bradley Beal from the Washington Wizards backing him up.

Our Call: Steph Curry. He’s been unbelievable from beyond the arc since the start of last season, Kyrie might cut it close, but we definitely feel that Steph should have this one down. The only worry we have for him is that sometimes he actually seems a better shooter off the dribble, which you obviously don’t do in the Three Point Contest.

NBA Skills Challenge

This is a personal favourite of ours, partly because we feel we could do pretty well in this event ourselves (even though we actually couldn’t).

The format is again seeing a change for this year’s event, with four teams of two players each facing a two-round relay-style timed course similar to the courses we’ve seen before.

The teams for the Eastern Conference are the Toronto Raptors DeMar DeRozan and Giannis Antetokounmpo from the Milwaukee bucks, and Rookie Point Guard Michael Carter-Williams from Philadelphia and Orlando Rookie Victor Oladipo.

The West see’s Damian Lillard, who’s performing in plenty of events this year, team up with the Utah Jazz Rookie, Trey Burke on one team, and Reggie Jackson from the Oklahoma City Thunder going besides the Phoenix Suns’ Point Guard Goran Dragic.

Our Call: We’re going to side with the Western Conference team of Damian Lillard and Trey Burke here. Whilst it was definitely a close call for all four teams, we feel Lillard will prove the difference in this event after winning it last year, but again, this one really is anyone’s game.

NBA Shooting Stars

This is another great event, bringing stars from the current NBA alongside the likes of WNBA stars and former heroes, and is always an enjoyable contest.

The format is simple enough, two teams from each conference go head-to-head in a timed challenge to make a series of shots ranging from a lay-up to a half court heave with plenty of other shots in between.

The Eastern Conference headliner is Chris Bosh for sure, who will team up with NBA legend Dominique Wilkins and the Chicago Sky’s Swin Cash. They will play alongside a father-son team featuring Tim Hardaway Jr. from the New York Knicks, NBA Legend Tim Hardaway Sr. and Elena Delle Donne, also from the Chicago Sky.

The West also boasts a father-son team, with Steph Curry playing alongside former NBA sharpshooter Dell Curry and San Antonio Stars WNBA star Becky Hammon. Kevin Durant headlines the final team from the West who will be playing with NBA Legend, Karl Malone and Skylar Diggins from the Tulsa Shock.

Our Call: We couldn’t choose between our heads and our hearts here, we’d love to see Steph and Dell Curry come away victorious here, but KD, the Mailman and Sylar Diggins is a terrific trio of stars and we’ve got to side with them here, especially considering the streak KD is on right now.

So that’s our take on the NBA All-Star Events set to headline the Saturday night in New Orleans, what do you think? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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Luke Hatfield is the creator and editor of BouncyOrangeBall, with an extensive knowledge of the NBA and basketball in general.

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