The Future for the Miami Heat

Miami Heat Big Three

The Miami Heat are currently in control of their Conference Finals match-up against the Indiana Pacers, despite Chris Bosh going through a bit of a slump, summed up by his game one performance.

This definitely isn’t normal for the Centre, however it seems to be a trend against Indiana, against whom he’s only averaged 11.3 points over the entire year.

By not even making one of his five shots behind the arc in game one, it meant that Miami’s long range shooting faded as the intense defense by Frank Vogul’s team stepped up, and was simply too much for Miami to handle.

But this looks like it’s been just the wake-up call Miami needed, over the past two games, the entire team have stepped up and shown that they mean business by taking pole position in the series, and now look like they could come out on top of the NBA Finals altogether.

With the possibility of it being the last season we get to see the big three together, I’m sure Erick Spoelstra will want to make sure they leave Florida with a ring, as the time may never come again to be a part of a unit so strong.

Rumour has it that Bosh may end up at the Minnesota Timberwolves with Kevin Love looking to move on.

Dwyane Wade will most likely prefer to stay put, but if the big three does split, there will be plenty of offers for his services, with New York a possible option.

Who knows where Lebron James will end up?

Everyone’s guess is hometown of Cleveland, which looks more and more like a feasible option since gaining the no.1 draft pick. But does the 2-time MVP want to make a u-turn by downgrading to a team with the lack of stars?

Lebron took the Cavaliers to the Conference Finals five years ago, but after leaving became a hate figure in Ohio, so would he really want to go back?

We’ll just have to find out after the post season…

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