Markieff Morris Suspended for Towel Throw

Markieff Morris

If there’s one sure fire way to see some extra minutes on the bench, it’s throwing a towel at the guy who decides if and when you hit the court, and Markieff Morris has found that out this week.

During Wednesday’s 104-96 loss to the Denver Nuggets, Morris reportedly tossed a towel in the direction of Suns’ Head Coach Jeff Hornacek. This was followed by an exchange of words which are unlikely to be too savoury, something which has drawn punishment by the Suns’ back office.

The exchange wasn’t caught on the game camera, with worries about T.J. Warren taking precedent after falling awkwardly, as the altercation between the troubled forward and Hornacek took place.

Unfortunately for Morris, it seems that Hornacek didn’t take the action lightly, hitting him with a two game suspension for ‘conduct detrimental to the team’. The suspension will also cost Morris over $100,000 in salary, and will make sure that he misses games on Boxing Day against the 76ers and then one against the Cavaliers on the 28th.

Markieff Morris and Jeff Hornacek have a chequered past...
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Morris Apology…

Morris was quick to apologise for his actions post game, claiming that he didn’t intend to hit Hornacek with the towel via Twitter.

The Phoenix Suns reportedly consulted the NBA regarding punishment for Morris, with General Manager Ryan McDonough confirming the news on Thursday.

“We try not to be punitive with these kind of things, We try to be fair. That’s why we consulted with the league.

“Sometimes, these things do get emotional. We asked for their opinion. There was precedent for these kind of situations, but we would’ve done the same thing if it was any of the other 14 players on the roster.”

Either way, it seems that this could prove another bump in the road between the troubled forward and the Suns organisation – one which could be coming to an end sooner rather than later with the trade deadline rolling ever closer.

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