Luol Deng, Football Hopeful?

Luol Deng

It looks like our boy Luol Deng is enjoying his time off now the regular season has ended for him and the Cleveland Cavaliers, enjoying some time playing some football, as shown by the video he posted online earlier this week!

The video, which can be seen below shows Deng having some fun after a ‘workout’, showing off some of his football (or soccer) skills.

Deng, who was traded to Cleveland earlier on this season in a shock move, was forced to choose between football and basketball at a young age, after showing promise in both sports, eventually siding with basketball. But it looks like you can never get rid of the football bug!

Could we be seeing Luol Deng make some waves in the football leagues after his days in basketball have ended? We wouldn’t put it past him!

(Picture Credit NBAE/Getty Images)

Luke Hatfield is the creator and editor of BouncyOrangeBall, with an extensive knowledge of the NBA and basketball in general.

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