Kevin Durant’s Ridiculous Scoring Streak

Kevin Durant Dunk

What on earth are they putting in the water over in Oklahoma? Because Kevin Durant is playing unbelievable basketball right now.

Arguably the best scorer in the league, Kevin Durant has been playing at an unmatched level this season, especially in terms of scoring, and he doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon.

Last year in the playoffs, we began to see KD struggle to produce without his tag-team Point Guard Russell Westbrook playing the supporting role, but this season we are seeing no such problems from the 6’9” Small Forward.

Kevin Durant has scored 30 or more points in the past 11 games and hasn’t scored less than 20 points since December 21st, meaning he’s scored 20+ points every game for well over a month now.

Streaks like this aren’t a common occurrence, especially when you consider some of the games the Oklahoma kingpin has been having.

He’s scored 40 points or more five times since the start of 2014, topped by a stunning 54 point barrage on the Golden State Warriors, a game which was a real spectacle if you managed to catch it on League Pass by the way.

Whilst the MVP talks have Kevin Durant being thrown alongside the ever brilliant Lebron James, who has also been performing well this season, we have to give the edge to KD right now.

Whilst Lebron has done well this year, you have to admit that KD has been ways ahead, especially in 2014.

Durant has even been stuffing other stats as well as dropping buckets, even recording a triple-double against Philadelphia, with a 32 point, 14 rebound and 10 assist night.

The only area where KD can really improve is in looking after the ball, committing too many silly turnovers, proven by his 11 turnover night against San Antonio.

But besides this, the Slim Reaper (as some have begun calling him) has been killing other teams offensively, causing chaos in the paint and coming up good in the clutch as well, most notably hitting the game winner against Atlanta.

Hopefully we’ll keep seeing these sort of performances from Durant for the rest of the season, and maybe we could see the MVP title heading his way instead of one certain Mr. James’

Note: All stats valid as of 29/01/14 @ 21:33 GMT

Luke Hatfield is the creator and editor of BouncyOrangeBall, with an extensive knowledge of the NBA and basketball in general.

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