J.J. Redick: Philadelphia 76ers will feed off NBA London energy

JJ Redick (NBAE/Getty Images)

Philadelphia 76ers shooting guard J.J. Redick is hoping to feed off the energy within the O2 Arena as they take on the Boston Celtics at NBA London.

The 33-year-old veteran admits that his side will miss the home fans in the Wells Fargo Centre, but is hoping that the London crowd will more than make up for their absence.

“First of all, we are certainly going to miss playing in front of our own fans, they’ve been terrific for us, but the environment in the O2 I think will be great and I think we’ll be able to feed off of that energy.” he said.

“It’s a huge honour to be one of the two teams that gets to play in London this year and we know there’s going to be a buzz in the building and both teams will be able to feed off of that, it should be a lot of fun.

“The comparison I would make is in college with March Madness, when you’re playing essentially on a neutral site in the final sixteen or final four or something like that, and there’s an atmosphere that’s not necessarily what you’re used to.”

Redick joined Philadelphia in the summer, helping guide them to their current 19-19 record alongside the likes of Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid – and he thinks that playing for the 76ers has surpassed his expectations by far.

On top of that, he believes his veteran status requires him to lead by example on-court, to offer a good example for the younger players on the roster.

“It’s exceeded my expectations, it’s been a very fun season.” he added

“There was a rough patch when we lost ten and twelve but it seems like we have got back on the right track playing well and this has just been an incredible experience for me both as a player and a teammate, getting to know all these guys has been great.

“It’s important for me to play well more than anything.

“When we hit our rough patch Joel missed some games, Cov missed a game or two, TJ missed some games, I was out two games, so I think when we had some guys out getting them back to the floor healthy was big for us.

“The Denver win was huge because it was only the second time this season we won without Joel on the floor, so we know we are going to face that situation again as the season progresses so we have to be prepared for that and hopefully replicate how we played in Denver.”

“There’s got to be some sort of guide to show people the way. In all walks of life elders are really important, because they’ve experienced it.”

“Everybody talks about veteran leadership, I don’t know what that means because it means something different to everyone, but certainly my approach has been just to show these guys how to be a pro and hopefully impart some of my wisdom that I’ve gained from having great veterans myself over the years.

The Philadelphia 76ers host the Boston Celtics at The O2 in London on Jan. 11 as part of NBA London Game 2018. The game is live on BT Sport or via NBA LEAGUE PASS.

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