Where Next for the Indiana Pacers?

Indiana Pacers

After failing to reach the NBA finals for a second consecutive year, where do the Indiana Pacers go from here?

I myself don’t believe that anything will change in terms of the roster, although Frank Vogul may think about giving¬†Roy Hibbert some help at the centre.

Hibbert hasn’t proven to be the guy to rely on in clutch games, going 0-9 against the Heat in the Conference Finals during one of his up and down games, and was rotated instantly in the lineup for the next game, so change may be imminent in that role for the upcoming season.

Also, Lance Stephenson becomes a free agent this off-season, and Indiana may not want to have to put up with his immature actions, like the controversy he built up with Lebron James in the series just gone.

By blowing in his face amongst other farcical actions, Vogul may not see Stephenson as a viable option at the point guard position, especially seeing as his actions didn’t have any real effect, as Miami eventually swept the Pacers over 6 games 4-2.

Paul George however has been an outstanding player for the Pacers, as we saw his 360 dunk during the season against the L.A clippers, along with a few buzzer beaters to help Indiana gain the wins they needed to top the Eastern Conference.

His field goal average has improved each and every season, but he hasn’t quite cracked how to push the Pacers to another gear in Playoff time, proven when he went the first 24 minutes of game 6 with only one point.

Overall, George has been key for Indiana, and it would be one of the biggest shocks of NBA basketball to see them shop him.

For Indiana to improve though, they need to add just a little bit more talent, to help them push forward from a good Playoff team, into a great one…

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