A Guide to NBA Podcasts

With the new season fast approaching, here’s our guide to NBA podcasts. They can be a great insight into the NBA world, aswell as being an ideal way of keeping up with games if you cannot watch on a nightly basis. You’ll also find a range of guests from current and former NBA players to celebrities. It may take a few listens to get a feel for the tone of each different podcast but given the range on offer, we’re sure you’ll find something which suits your needs.

The Starters


We treat The Starters as our NBA get up. The show (also shown live on NBA TV) is hosted by J.E Skeets, Tas Melas, Trey Kirby and Leigh Ellis. The podcast has a light hearted feel and features a review of games from the previous night. Each podcast also has daily features for example ‘The highlight that wasn’t’ where Tas selects a play which didn’t make highlight reels but deserves a watch, Leigh’s very solid play, and the tweet of the week. The four friends give off a positive vibe and you genuinely get the feel that you are listening in to four friends talking ball. The podcast lasts roughy 25 minutes and is a great way to start the day.

The Vertical Podcast

This podcast, hosted by Yahoo, has three weekly hosts. Chris Mannix, Adrian Wojnarowski and J.J Redick. The show has weekly high profile guests like NBA Hall of Famers, GM’s and NBA columnists.

It goes without saying that Woj offers a fantastic insight in to the NBA world. The respect he has from his guests often leads to a very open conversation on the topics in hand.

J.J Redick’s episode offers an extremely unique opportunity to hear a current professional athlete host. He again uses his contacts to offer a range of high profile guests, recently having team mate Chris Paul and his boss and owner Steve Balmer. J.J doesn’t hesitate to offer his honest opinions despite still being an active player. Some recent examples include him admitting to questioning the point of pre season games during a game and giving his honest assessment on the Clippers new logo.

The Lowe Post


Zach Lowe hosts this insightful podcast which as a great balance between extremely technical basketball discussion and more light hearted topics like his League Pass rankings and Mascot rankings. Zach has built a reputation as one of the top NBA writers and has a willing array of guests on the podcast.

This is definitely the spot to head to if you want a more in depth basketball discussion.

These are our favourites but if you have any you recommend that we have missed, please get in touch on the timeline @NBA_UKfans

Brynn Cooper is the founder of NBA_UKfans.

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