Is Dwyane Wade Burnt Out?

Dwyane Wade Burnt Out

We rarely go out and say that a player is done, but when you look at a player like Dwyane Wade and the way he’s played over the past few years, you simply have to question whether he’s done living life on the basketball court as a superstar calibre player…

Wade has struggled for a few seasons now with knee issues and other minor niggles, and whilst this can be expected of a superstar player, Wade’s decline has seemed quick and actually pretty shocking.

He was a non-factor in games last season, and his performance through the Playoffs left a lot to be desired to say the least, with Miami leaning on Lebron to pull them through games, rather than the formerly great Wade.

We say formerly because when we look back over the past few seasons we genuinely can’t remember Wade actually taking over a game and dominating an opponent. Sure, he’s thrown some pretty nice passes to Lebron, but to be completely honest those passes aren’t the hardest in the world to make, you just throw it near the rim, and Lebron does the rest.

To be honest, Wade looks like a shadow of his former self, he’s struggled to shoot the ball, not that he ever was the best shooter, especially from beyond the arc.

Has struggled massively from mid-range this season and hasn’t been the player he was when attacking the rim, and this comes with age, and it’s not nice to say, but Wade isn’t ageing well in an NBA standpoint.

His game was always to attack the rim, draw contact and either throw down a dunk or make a seemingly impossible lay-up, which is a decent tactic up until you turn 30, and suddenly all the joints begin to ache and stiffen up.

Players like Kobe, Steve Nash and Ray Allen avoid this type of downfall thanks to a reliable jump-shot which then becomes the ultimate facet of their games, Wade however doesn’t have that skill and is suffering because of it.

Wade Injury

Whilst he’s scored fairly well for a second or third option on an NBA team, at around 19ppg, he hasn’t done well compared to how he played when he was a younger player, and whilst a blip like this can be expected of a player who is on a smaller less taxing contract, a player like Wade should be producing to match his yearly salary.

No offence intended, but a player like Wade should be making headlines for his latest exploits on the basketball court, not for getting engaged to a long-term girlfriend or sitting out yet another game with yet another chronic injury.

It really is a crying shame to see someone like Wade, who was so good decline so rapidly, but it is becoming part and parcel of the NBA, just looked what happened to Tracy McGrady.

There is no way Wade should be considering getting a large figured, multi-year contract anymore, even with the team he’s been with since his rookie year all those seasons ago.

He will most likely be getting offers which will have multiple team-options, or extremely short deals, not contracts like he has been getting since his draft, offering mega-bucks for multi-year player option deals.

The fact of the matter is, players like Goran Dragic, Andre Drummond, DeMarcus Cousins and even Eric Bledsoe should arguably be getting far more lucrative contracts than a player like Wade, and that’s because they can do much more damage to teams compared to him.

Put it this way, if we asked you right now who you would rather have play against you, Dragic or Wade, you’d pick the latter? We don’t think so.

Wade’s time is up unfortunately, he should now be looking at coming off the bench, and maybe developing a jump shot capable of giving him a scoring effort off the bench, rather than relying on dodgy knees to keep his physical style of play intact.

We hate to say it, but it looks like the Wade train may be departing the superstar station, and we will certainly miss his highlight plays from a stellar career, but that career is seemingly heading downhill…

Luke Hatfield is the creator and editor of BouncyOrangeBall, with an extensive knowledge of the NBA and basketball in general.

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