L.A Clippers 2014/15 Season Preview

LA Clippers team

It was a controversial end to the 2013/14 season for the Clippers which brought an emotional and physical impact to the team who ended up losing to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference semi-finals 4-2.

This could, and should be blamed on former owner Donald Sterling, who made some strong remarks that caused racial uproar, it was shocking to come¬†from the owner at the time, especially as he was backed by coach Doc Rivers to lead the franchise the “bigger and better places”.

However the whole debate came to an end when the team was bought by former Microsoft CEO,Steve Ballmer, who introduced himself emphatically at a local Clippers rally back in August. But will this mean bigger and better things for fans and players of the dominant L.A. Based franchise?

Many felt that last year was their time to shine on the court, as the presence of Blake Griffin at his best increased the fans belief of the team gaining the NBA trophy. But with L.A.’s big three still intact we can expect lob city to run riot once again with Chris Paul at the point, who is now clearly one of the top players in the league in his position and expected to produce.

The big question however, is whether De’Andre Jordan can repeat his domination throughout the Western Conference, the centre from Texas A&M ripped his career averages apart, with a season consisting of 10.4 points 13.6 rebounds 2.5 blocks per game.

This showed that the team don’t have to just rely on Griffin when it comes to claiming the paint as the Clippers territory, along with highlight plays, with the rim still rattling to this day in the Staples Centre after he abused Brandon Knight in what could be classed at the dunk of the year against the Pistons.

With an all-rounded team again this year, there’s no doubt that the Clippers are ring contenders who have to to compete straight off the bat, hopefully we can expect some big plays as the Clips make this year one to remember.

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