Chaotic Free Agency Benefits Clippers


The upcoming season seemed to have got off on the wrong foot for the L.A Clippers, when DeAndre Jordan had signalled his intent to sign with the Dallas Mavericks for an estimated $80 million plus deal for four years.

The Centre believed he was ready to become a face of a franchise, and the Mavs’ promise to evolve their team around him was clearly tempting. However, after 48 hours as a potential Dallas player, his Clippers teammates convinced him otherwise and he re-signed with his former team who were willing to give him $8 million more for the four years in order to show how much they relied upon Jordan.

In a recent press conference, Jordan explained how thinking by himself allowed him to realise that he had everything in Los Angeles, where a few more additions would ensure they could go the distance in the 2015-2016 season.

Deandre Jordan


The team has now seen signings of Lance Stephenson, Cole Aldrich, Paul Pierce and the surprising Josh Smith. Each bring a different aspect to the team, where stephenson can be brought down to earth by having teammates around him who have strong mentality and don’t get themselves into mind games with the opposition.

This is one part of his game which needs to fade in order for his basketball to actually do the talking where, in the past, Lance has shone in the media for causing a stir with likes of Lebron James.

If his controversy is controlled then his role for the team can be so vital where Doc Rivers could give Chris Paul rest, allowing Stephenson to control the floor.

Paul Pierce has a tremendous basketball CV that highlights his ability to produce the goods in clutch moments. His knowledge of what is needed to be at the top can come as great advice for some of the younger members of the team.

His addition will help increase the perimeter shot percentage, but will create more space in the paint where Pierce could potentially play small forward then Blake Griffin and Jordan playing Power Forward and Centre.

Lance Stephenson

The exciting involvement of Josh Smith from the Houston Rockets adds great depth to the squad, where he can potentially take most of the workload if some of the players don’t show up on the court.

What is questionable is whether or not he can cope being played as a bench player due to Griffin filling his position and can deal with almost being a sixth man, we will have to wait and see.

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