Can the Clippers Win it All?


I for one feel that the success of the L.A Clippers, is down to the new head coach, Doc Rivers.

His philosophy of basketball is simple, it’s to make a highlight reel finish every time they get a basket, which seems to be working through Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan dominating the top plays day in day out.

Their nickname says it all, but this can only come from within Chris Paul, due to him flaunting the key passes he can make, but also by showing off his agility to break the ankles of the defense.

His average for assists has increased into double figures yet again this season, proving that he is the core in helping produce the type of style Coach Rivers wants to play.

Chris Paul Doc Rivers

Yes, it also helps having a versatile squad, with the powerful Griffin and Jordan on hand, as well as the skilled Jamal Crawford, Matt Barnes and J.J. Redick.

With Danny Granger adding to the team as well, the Clippers have stars on offer for the fans, and the potential to win a ring this post-season in the playoffs.

Their record hasn’t changed that much since last season when Vinny Del Negro was in charge, but having the help of a man who’s been there and done it himself, Doc Rivers has the attention of the whole locker room, who take his opinion on board and intend to win the finals, just like him.

You can also see on the court that the relationship between players has become stronger and stronger ever since the replacement in the managerial position was made, whilst tension grew within the Clippers camp while Del Negro was in charge, it’s all been quiet this year round.

However, the spirit amongst the camp seems to show in their matches and their playoff seeding, as the official playoff-picture will show L.A playing the Golden State Warriors which will be the most intriguing of those first round match-ups.

The warriors have a similar setup with powerful dunkers and 3-ball specialists, their seeding really doesn’t show the actual potential they pose to teams, so doc and his team need to put up a brawl against the likes of Steph Curry and Andre Iguodala.


With the splash brothers on hand; the Golden State Warriors can drop huge scores when they feel like it, with Curry and Klay Thompson combining for a total of 71 in what seemed to be the NBA game of the year against the Portland Trailblazers earlier this month.

If the Clippers get through this tricky first round match-up, they would prove their ability to have an effect in the Playoffs, and the fact that the San Antonio Spurs lack the fresh legs needed to make a difference within 7 games, could see them get by Gregg Popovich’s team if they happened to meet at some point.

Whereas the going gets tough straight away for Doc rivers and his men, who want to prove their a force to be reckoned with.

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