Chris Bosh Potentially Out for Season

Chris Bosh

Trade deadline day brought plenty of good news for the Miami Heat, with the arrival of Goran Dragic from the Phoenix Suns looking like one of the best deals of the day.

However, all of this good news was suddenly overshadowed by some extremely bad news for All-Star power forward Chris Bosh.

After suffering from side and chest pains for several days, Bosh was forced to speak to the Heat’s team doctor.

It’s reported that blood clots have formed in Bosh’s lungs, resulting in the possible end of the forward’s season.

The news has become especially tender considering the recent passing of former NBA star Jerome Kersey, 52, who suffered a similar health issue.

Treating a Blood Clot

Traditionally, the medication used to treat such a health issue requires approximately six months of limited physical activity. This obviously puts the 30-year-old’s career on hold until at least August if the diagnosis is confirmed.

The standard medication is often used to thin the blood and reduce the chances of other similar clots forming. The real fear however is if the clot goes untreated, when it can become fatal.

If doctors see it as a possibly life-threatening issue, surgery and other procedures can be performed to remove the clot. However, this method is only used in extreme circumstances due to the inherent risks involved.

What does this mean for Bosh?

If the diagnosis of a pulmonary embolism (lung blood clots) is confirmed, Bosh will have to undergo medical treatment using medicines that will restrict his ability to exercise.

Bosh has recently signed a five year deal worth $118 million with Miami and has averaged 21PPG and 7RPG this season.

However, his health will be the primary concern for all involved – with a return to action at the beginning of next season the most realistic proposition.

Several other athletes have suffered from the same issue over recent years, with fellow NBA player Mirza Teletovic the most recent athlete to be treated for blood clots in January.

Tennis star Serena Williams had to sit out an entire year due to blood clots on both lungs. At one point it was feared that she could have been forced to retire, but made a full recovery.

The NBA has reacted on Twitter to the unexpected news, with former teammate and NBA all-Star Lebron James one of the many to show their support.

Of course, it goes without saying that we also wish Bosh a healthy recovery! Get well soon!

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