Could Carmelo Anthony Be Out for the Season?

Carmelo Injury

It’s not been the best season for the New York Knicks, starting the season 5-30 and struggling in almost every facet of the game. But it could be getting worse for the Big Apple franchise, after it was revealed that all-star forward Carmelo Anthony could be done for the season.

Melo has had a number of lingering injury problems dogging him throughout the past few months, and after the recent defeat to an equally poor Detroit Pistons team, it’s thought that he could be shut down for the final months of the campaign.

This would come as a second major blow to fans in the UK, who see the New York Knicks square up against the Milwaukee Bucks later on this month after Jabari Parker was ruled out for the season after an ACL injury.

Whilst Anthony’s injury isn’t thought to be as serious as Parker’s, it will require minor surgery and could result in the end of his torrid season.

The Knicks have had one of the worst seasons in their history, performing terribly defensively and struggling to integrate the triangle offense put in place by Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher.

This news would obviously further damage New York’s chances of recovering from its poor start, but could almost guarantee a decent draft pick in the 2015 Draft, offering a silver lining of sorts.

Anthony, who turns 31 this season recently signed a fresh deal with the Knicks, and despite averaging 23.9ppg, has faced an uphill battle since signing the contract, leaving many questioning his decision to stay.

Either way, it appears that the former Syracuse star could put the 2014/15 season behind him much earlier than expected.

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