Can the Brooklyn Nets Challenge for the NBA Title?

Can the Nets win the NBA?

The Brooklyn nets have won 15 straight games at home, with the help of Kevin Garnett’s 10 points to beat the Philadelphia 76ers. However after losing to the New York Knicks, are they NBA Final contenders?

With the Eastern Conference looking tight for final standings, the Nets need to continue their winning streak if they want any chance of facing an easy draw such as the Atlanta Hawks or the Knicks in the eighth seed.

If the playoffs were to start today, The Chicago Bulls would host Brooklyn in the first round, and I’m sure future hall of fame inductee, Jason Kidd, who is head coach for the Nets would be less than eager to play the Bulls, who themselves are having a tremendous season with MVP contender Joakim Noah at the Centre.

On the other hand, the experienced players such as Paul pierce, Andrei Kirilenko and the light-footed Deron Williams at their disposal so they could give any NBA team a scare at times, it’s just about consistency for Kidd and his men to gain the status of being a dominant squad for the upcoming NBA Finals.

To do this they may have to practice grabbing those rebounds as they recorded the lowest total in a game this season against the Oklahoma City Thunder, with 17, which used to be held by the 2001 Detroit Pistons.

This is a stat that may become a huge factor in allowing points or even getting their own baskets, which could lead to getting them crucial W’s.

Whether Brooklyn can actually go all the way and challenge the likes of the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference is a tough question to answer, but it’s a question Jason Kidd’s team is making us ask at least.

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