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Tuesday the 20th of May was a highly anticipated day for the Boston fan base.

This was the day which would decide Bostons fate in the upcoming draft. A draft in which many would regard as the deepest since 2003.

Boston, at the time of the lottery had finished the season with an awful 25-57 record, which had an 8.8% chance of nabbing the number 1 pick, which I’m certain would’ve led to Boston choosing Joel Embiid.

But there was still four other teams ahead of them who statistically had higher odds of getting the number one pick. Utah, Orlando, Philadelphia and Milwaukee.

But it would be none of those teams that would take the number one pick. It would be Cleveland who would steal that number one pick.

All in all fans will be happy with Bostons selections in this draft. This writer was with a friend on draft night and mentioned to him I’d love to take Smart, if he’s still available. The reason being is its hard to find a guard with a physical presence and who is such a pitbull on defense. Someone who is going to hustle, get up into the ball handlers face and cause havoc on that end.


Smart’s physical nature gives Boston fans hope that he is the next bleed green player we’ve seen since The Truth. We know Smarts offense isn’t as polished as others but he is only 20 years of age. An offensive game can develop where its is needed.

Marcus Smart

Marcus Smart is raw offensively, can he develop into a Celtics star?


If Michael Kidd Gilchrist can change his shooting form entirely in the off-season then Boston fans must have complete faith in the coaching staff to elevate his standards to where they need to be.

An ideal example is Avery Bradley, an absolute pest on the defensive end but not a well rounded player when joining the league. In his rookie season he ended up finishing with a field goal percentage of .343%.

His next season looks phenomenal comparitively, his field goal percentage of .498% and shooting .407% from 3 point range are both massively improved. But that was on shooting of 402 attempts from the field and 54 from 3.

Last season he shot .438% from the field and .395% from deep, doesn’t seem impressive right? But consider this, last year he attempted 423 more field goals than the previous year, as well as attempting 146 more from deep.

Guards that show the defensive ability that Smart possesses are always going to be tough to find. The future for Boston is bright with Marcus Smart, even if the worse case scenario happens and they lose Rajon Rondo in free agency. During the pre-season it was obvious the steps Marcus needs to take in order to develop his game.

That brings us to the 17th pick in this years draft. A player who averaged .349% from deep and .407% from the field in his college career. Another player who many Boston fans are excited for this year who can develop into something special.

James Young will be used as a bench player with low minutes or be sent the development league to improve his game initially. Especially with Jeff Green and Evan Turner rotating at the 3. But so far fans have liked what they’ve have seen from him.

He’s an athletic forward who can let it fly from outside. If you need an example of his ability just look for his dunk on UCONN’s 7 foot big Amida Brimah (below).

Who can tell what he can develop into? But there is definite promise with this rookie.

Who knows if James Young will develop into the starting 3 for Boston, as some fans are still not sold on Jeff Green. In 2012-2013 he had a great season as he was being used in a great rotation, backing up Paul Pierce and his numbers reflected a solid season for him.

Compare that to last year since the departure of Pierce and Garnett, and Jeff saw an increase in minutes. But with that increase in minutes he saw a great decline in his efficiency. I’m hoping this year he does prove this writer wrong, especially now that Avery Bradley’s offense has improved and Jared Sullinger has become more well rounded, but evidence is needed of this.

Boston could still surprise a few people and could even push for one of the better defensive teams in the league with the pieces they have. But to do this they should make a run for a legitimate rim protector. Kelly Olynyk is promising, but by no means a starter.

Greg Monroe is a plausible option, a player who last year averaged 15 points and 9 rebounds a game. A partnership of Monroe and Sullinger would be feared, offering a legitimate 3 point threat, size and a good field goal percentage.

Hopefully Boston make a legitimate run for Monroe in the 2014-2015 free agency, which could in turn entice Rajon Rondo to stay put.

This young Boston team we see currently is promising and has a great defensive edge, could surprise a few teams by how good they actually are.

Some journalists are really underrating this team because of its lack of offense. But one of the all time greats once said “Concentration and mental toughness are the margins of victory”. That was said by one of the greatest champions of all time Bill Russell and that is one thing this young team is. Mentally tough.

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My name is Samuel, I'm 26 years of age and I'm from Essex, United Kingdom. I've followed basketball for many years now and am an outspoken Boston Celtics fan. Although the Celtics are my team I will not let that influence any articles I write now or anytime in the future. I am a part of a podcast titled "In The Post" where we discuss current affairs in the NBA and any upcoming events, trades etc.

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